Wedding Music Services


(acoustic instrumental duo)

As your guests arrive on your magical day
Everything is perfectly according to plan and going your way
Your stars have all aligned and your perfect life awaits
perfect romantic melodies fill the air as if brought to you by fate

Your radiant appearance brings tears to your guests eyes
The moment everyones been waiting for has finally arrived
You walk the aisle with style and grace as if floating on a cloud
perfectly accompanied with acoustic harmony by the finest musicians around

Canapés / Cocktail Hour

(Acoustic Instrumental Duo / Soft Acoustic Music With Vocalist)

You are now officially a couple joined in holy matrimony
we’ll keep the tone high after your beautiful ceremony
You’re guests feel the love as we serenade
With the most beautiful music that has ever been made


(Full Band)

Now its time to feast and really celebrate
Dance the night away till the hour is late
With the fairest musicians in all the land
Make Your night unforgettable with The Hopeless Romantics Band

The Full Package

You deserve the perfect day with all of the above
We’ll add the soundtrack to your story of love
It only makes sense to book experts of romance
For your big day you want the best and not leave it to chance