About Us

So who are we and what is it we do
we are but merry maidens and lads
who bring the gifts of joyfulness and dance to you.

Musical Masters Fit Fill The Halls Of Kings & Queens
And Bring Royal Entertainment Unlike Any Ever Seen
So Lets Meet The Clan Of Maidens
Who Dazzle With Beauty And Melodies
And The Lads Who Play Beside Them
In Blissful Harmony

Juanita Millard

A.K.A Joy (Vocals)

As the name suggests Juanita fills hearts with joy through song
Some say she doesn’t need a mic because her voice is just that strong
While still in mother’s womb she would sing her mom to sleep
And on the day that she was born she swept the doctors of their feet

Instead of the usual infant sob, Juanita hashed out a tune
that echoed through the hospital and filled every room
The sickly patients all hopped out of bed the scene was just too grand
And on that day Juanita knew she would join a wedding band

Melissa Munro

A.K.A Mystical Melo (Bass & Vocals)

Melissa comes from the realms of the Mystical, she’s a wizard on the bass
when her mouth is opened, angelic sounds emanate from her face
her beauty knows no rival its the stuff of fairy tales
she conjures up her magic while her fingers dance through the musical scales

She’s a master of the arts, there’s not a thing she can’t do well
Just a minute in her presence and you too will be under her spell
This loving being spreads only love and good vibes where she goes
She truly is a magical and mystical musical wild rose

Nico De Beer

A.K.A Pontius Guitarist (Guitar & Vocals)

Some believe he is Chuck Norris’ forgotten son
Many refer to him as the wise old bearded one
His fingers are at home on the fretboard and the strings
He projects his voice through the guitar to truly make it sing

Never there was a time without a guitar in hand
some say the songs he knows exceeds earths grains of sand
A true virtuosic master, as guitar guru been defined
Best to wear a helmet as he’s sure to blow your mind

The Stick


His identity unknown but his skills known far and wide
Rivalry to his skills? All have failed who tried
Some say the beats he plays keeps all our hearts in time
And without his rhythmic influence all life on earth would die

So if you want a beat to dance to, the stick he is your man
before settling behind the drum kit, most people are already fans
It then only makes real sense, that with such lightning hands
That the stick would partner up with SA’s best wedding band