Welcome To The Home Of Romance

Your Arrival Is Perfectly Timed And Not A Moment Too Soon
When You See What We Have In Store
You Wont Just Be Pleasantly Surprised
You’ll Be Over The Moon

You Followed The Rainbow
And Have Now Reached The Pot Of Gold
But Not Even Your Wildest Expectations Could Prepare You
For The Treasures You Behold

Now Lets Go On An Adventure
Come And Take My Hand
Let Me Introduce You to SA’s Biggest Treasure
The Hopeless Romantics Wedding And Function Band

Wedding Band

You have found your prince charming
and he has saved you from the dragon
now make your wedding reception unforgettable
And Jump on the band wagon

Corporate and Function Band

The King Has Called For A Banquet
And Its Time For All To Feast And Rejoice
But Remember To Not Forget
The Hopeless Romantics Is The Kings First And Only Choice

DJ Services

If The Band Wagon Seems Too Rough
We’ve Got You Covered Too
Should Spinning Decks Be Enough
We’ll Bring The Tunes To See You Through

Sound & Lighting Hire

You’ve Got The Music Sorted
But It’s Too Soft For All To Hear
We Have Plenty Loud Boom Boxes
To Make The Silence Disappear

Personalised Song Writing

So You Want Swoon Your Fair Maiden
And Sweep Her Off Her Feet
Well There’s Just One Way Then
Lets put Your Story To Rhyme And Beat

Instrumental Duo

As your guests arrive on your magical day
Everything is perfectly according to plan and going your way
Your stars have all aligned and your perfect life awaits
perfect romantic melodies fill the air as if brought to you by fate

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